An Essay On Means Of Communication

Old and Modern Means of Communication

Communication is part of people’s culture from the ancient times. This part of the social life has ensured effective interactions between people of the same society, and people of different societies. Communication aspect has been dynamic and has undergone numerous changes based on time, lifestyle and situations and as a result of improvement in technology. In the past, different societies had their unique ways of communication such as the use of smoke signals to send simple messages. Besides, people used messengers and drum sounds for communication. The means and mode, as well as forms of communication, have changed to the use of the telegraph, telephone, mobile phone calls, the internet, video conferencing and letters among others in the current society thanks to technological advancement. Irrespective of such changes both old and modern means of communication serves the same purpose of sending and receiving information and providing feedback. The essay presents a discussion of the means of communication in both old and modern times based on their developments and progress of their features.

Claude Chappe developed the initial telegraph in 1794 that never used an electric signal. However, this was improved to a telegraph that used electric impulses.  The idea of using electric impulse was first used as a means of communication and was invented by Samuel Morse in early 1836. He borrowed the idea of electric impulse transportation through wires from Charles Jackson. Morse then developed the telegraph system that transmitted signals over wires to numerous locations and translated information. This was a new means of communication that supported the commercial systems at the time. Morse divided three parts of a telegraph as sender, receiver, and the code.  Normally, the sender represented the source of information where the electric circuit was to be opened and closed. The receiver then used the electromagnet to record all the signals and the codes translated the signals into the numbers and letters. Morse built the first telegraph from Washington to Baltimore by use of cable lines over the Atlantic Ocean and use “Morse Code” signals to represent the language of the telegraph. This led to rapid development of telegraph cables within the USA that enhanced transfer of information, and by 1870s the USA was able to connect the global telecommunication networks.

The modern means of communication was based on the telegraph system. The invention of telephones, cable televisions, the radio, the internet and mobile technologies were achieved due to the technique used in telegraph system. The telephone was the first to exist at the modern times which increased the speed of electronic communication. It was wired on the electronic platform and used similar cables as in the Telegraph. However, the underwater cables had almost zero signals. The challenge of poor signals led to the invention and use of steel wires that were wrapped in copper tubes, armor, and plastic jackets to enable movement of signals invented by the AT & T Company. The idea led to the development of cable televisions and eventually the development of cell phones. Due to technological advancement, the use of cable system is currently overtaken by the digital boxes that do not rely on the antenna amplifiers.

The invention of fiber optics by Verizon Inc in television is amazing. The fiber optic can convey light signals of information at a terrific speed, process and transfer data faster to computers and home televisions at high quality. On a separate note, cell phones emanated in 1983 in both design and functionality. This brought about multitasking of activities during the communication process. Therefore, the cell phones help in sending text messages, emails, enhance verbal communication, upload pictures and videos as well as downloading any application. Diverse technology has brought about IPads, Kindles, playbooks, and tables as well as the wireless internet which have ensured improved and faster communication at the global level. Therefore, people can send instant messages, perform text messaging, video chat and send emails among others.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that communication has played a major role in both the old and modern societies. However, the means of communication in both time periods have changed with the current society having an advantage due to advancement in technology. However, in both instances, means of communication served the same purpose of conveying and receiving information as well as replies.

Essay on The Benefits of Modern Methods of Communication

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In recent times, the ways in which people communicate have changed significantly, and new technologies are increasingly being used for communication in everyday life. The barrier of connecting between one area and another area has decreased. Furthermore, the advantages of modern technologies are more convenient than in the past. The term modern methods of communication can be defined as the new ways of contacting, which are advantageous for human relationships and these modern technologies that give advantages to the values of society or to the principles of a community. Therefore, modern methods of communication have amplified the values of society, because they are useful for everyday life and offer more benefits than detriments for it.…show more content…

The achievement of this program enables supports students to use technologies to access learning anywhere in the world. Additionally, education by television is used to support large group of students in urban and remote areas as a learning course in China. For this reason, approximately 100,000 students have graduated from this program every year. Hanna further elaborates that the broadcast satellite has provided 200,000 young students in many rural areas with access to an education regardless that they live in remote rural areas. (2010, p 177)

It is evident that students from different countries have more opportunities for studying, because the advances of modern methods of communication such as the satellite, and education by television can be used on a national scale as well as a worldwide one. These technologies have created better connections between different areas which previously relied on traditional methods such as small class sizes, specific time schedules, and a limit of lecturers which could not be taught in every university. In addition to a high speed connection of satellite can give a broad link worldwide to an unlimited number of students, and fewer lecturers are needed. This way of providing equal opportunities for everyone to be educated fairly occurs because modern methods of communication benefit all society and they create more educational

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