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Traffic congestions or traffic jams on our roads especially on the by ways and expressways are a common sight. Even in housing estates, one encounters traffic congestion or slowdown and thus, a trip to the local store located just minutes from the house can take up to half an hour due to this. according to the police, congestion also leads to other problems such as road rage and road bullies in addition to fatal accidents.

There are may ways we can help ease traffic congestions in our country. The main reason contributing to our roads being clogged up is the increasing number of vehicles, especially private ones, on the road. Most families nowadays have at least two cars. Thus, there has to be ongoing campaigns on the benefits of carpooling. Parents can make an effort to drive their children to work rather than helping him or her to purchase a car. Those with school going children should use school buses rather than sending them on their own. There is always congestion near schools as most parents prefer to send their children for reasons of safety or convenience. Thus, a regulation must be introduced that bans parents sending their children in private vehicles. They should be instead encouraged to use school buses.

The recent hike in petrol prices should be welcomed rather than criticized. Most people are able to afford cars not only because they are cheaper compared to say Thailand but also because petrol prices are relatively low. The increase in petrol prices by 30 cents a liter however, appears to have little impact in reducing traffic in major cities. Perhaps, the government should increase further the price of petrol to discourage people from spending idle time on the roads.

Another way to help our country overcome traffic problems is to increase the price of vehicles. The recent announcement of a drop in price of cars would only aggravate the traffic situation in our country. The government should take a cue from our neighbor country and introduce a steep levy on ownership of cars. It should at the same time make public transportation more efficient, effective and affordable. In our neighbor country, cars are very expensive because of the levy imposed on them but the traffic situation is much more manageable. The latter is mainly due to the fact there are less cars and most people use the MRT, buses and cabs which are highly efficient.

It can be a nightmare to be on the road during weekends. Most people either dine out or go shopping during the weekends thus, jamming up the roads. The government should impose a weekend levy or congestion levy on those who use private vehicles during weekends. it would discourage people from using their cars and instead use the public transport to arrive at their destinations. This would also indirectly reduce the accident rates.

Hence, with the above measures in place, I am sure our country would be able to overcome or at least reduce traffic congestions and accidents on the roads.

There is no denying that in saying that, the increase in traffic and pollution has become a major problem. So many solutions have given to solve it. And one such Solution is that to raise the petrol price. As far as it is concerned to me, I strongly disagree with this statement due to following written arguments.

The first and foremost reason is that increase in petrol price would surely affect the pocket of common man. Because petrol is one of their basic needs.To illustrate, it is evident that, every common man need petrol to run their vehicles to go to work, school, college, and other places. So, if the government would increase the price, even then everyone has to buy it by ignoring their expenditures. So, ultimately, it affects the budget of poor ones.

Another reason is that increase in the price of petrol will lead to raising the cost of other household items. To clear my point of view, I would like to cite an example, that petrol has become a basic need of everyone. A rise in petrol price would affect the cost of products. Because of rising in petrol cost, companies would increase the product price in order to meet the extra cost.

To reduce the traffic, a government must reduce the price of public transportation. For Example, If the government provides cheap and best transportation to the public then surely the traffic problems are reduced to some extent.This step of government promotes the public to leave their private cars at home.Public feel more satisfied and comfortable with this cheap service and prefer public transportation as compared to private transportation. So this step of government will reduce traffic on the roads to some extent.

However, it is also argued by some people that it is a good idea to control the traffic and pollution by increasing the fuel price. For example, in many Arab countries, it has been noted that the rise in petrol price controls the traffic and pollution to a greater extent.

Apart from that, to reduce the traffic congestion problem and pollution government should install that spare parts in bikes, motors as well as in cars that creates less pollution.Moreover, it is a duty of an individual to clean the environment and make pollution free. For this, it is necessary every individual do service of their vehicles at a proper time.So these steps must prove helpful to reduce traffic congestions problems and control pollution.

In conclusion, taking this point into consideration from a person without a shadow of a doubt, I restate that I strongly disagree with this notion. But I would like to suggest that instead of increasing the fuel price, the government has to take some alternative steps to tackle the issue.

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