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Spring is called the king of all season.It is the most pleasant weather in the world.The trees become loaded with leaves flowers.Nature looks cheerful comes after winter.The cuckoo sings pleasantly.The mango trees begin flowering.The birds begin nesting and laying eggs.Dola and Holi fall in this time.Spring gives joy to plants and animals.

Essay:1(70 words)

There are six seasons in a year.Spring season is one of them.It is the offseason.It lasts from February to April.This time neither too hot nor too cold.The nature looks very attractive in this period.The trees are full new leaves.It is a time of festivals.The gentle wind blows from the South.The days and nights are equal in this period. Everybody like this weather.

Essay:2(85 words)

February and March are the spring months. Spring season is the most enjoyable period of the year. It comes after the winter and before the summer. So both days and nights are pleasant. Trees have new leaves during this period. Many kinds of flowers bloom in this period. The bees have a busy time.They fly from flower to flower. The cuckoo flies from tree to tree and sings sweetly.Basanta Panchami and Dola Jatra come during this time.All are happy in this period.

Spring Season

Essay:3(100 words)

The spring season čomes after the winter. At this time the days are not very hot nor very cold. The days and nights remain almost equal.A gentle breeze blows from the south. So everybody feels very happy. In this period the mango trees blossom.The other trees and creepers bear new leaves and flowers. The Hindus observe Dola Jatra at this time. It is a pleasant weather for all men and animals. The spring weather is, therefore the best of all seasons.This weather gives plenty of food to everybody. A sweet and gentle vernal breeze blows from the south. The cuckoo sings from the shady groves very sweetly. It is the most pleasant time of all.


Here we will discuss about the four seasons and the duration.

Some months are too hot and some are too cold. The period of hot months is called the hot or summer season. The period of cold months is called the cold or winter season.

In between the summer season and winter season the sky often remains cloudy and it rains a lot. This cloudy and rainy season is known as the rainy season.

After the winter season, for about two months it is neither too cold nor too hot. There is good weather all around. This period of charming weather is called the spring season.

Thus, there are four main seasons.

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Name of the seasons 

Summer season

Rainy season

Winter season

Spring season


from April to June

from July to September

from October to January

from February to March

Kids let’s enjoy the story about seasons.

The story about seasons:

One day, the seasons had an argument. Each one of them said, “I am the best!”

   Spring said, “I am when flowers bloom and it is green and fresh everywhere. Birds fly and insects have fun with new flowers.”

        Summer said, “Yes, but I am when the sun shines brightly and it feels too hot to do anything. People eat ice-cream, enjoy cold drinks and eat yummy watermelon.

        Autumn said, “I am when trees shed their leaves and cover the earth in orange brilliance. The air feels cool.”

        Winter said, “I am when people wear woolen clothes, caps and gloves to keep their bodies warm. They get to drink hot chocolate. Birds fly south for the winter because it’s too cold.”

Since they couldn’t decide who was best, they agreed that they were all important because one could not do without the other.

Kindergarten kids can have fun reading the stories about the seasons and also share the story with your friends. In kindergarten math learning activities kids can enjoy a fun time activities.

Children can collect the pictures of things used in summer and winter seasons. They can make two different seasons pictures colorfully and can hang on the wall.

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